On Wednesday, I did something that I've been nervous and anxious about.

I’ve been anticipating you all week… not knowing what to expect and what it would feel like once you were inside of me. But the day had arrived and I was nervous like a kid on their first day of school.

I followed the blue arrows to get to you. It was like a maze. I’ve never had anyone make me work so hard to get to them. Finally, I found you. There’s no turning back now so I sat down… you pulled your needle out and poke. Oh, that’s it? That was the quickest session of my life.

5 minutes later I start feeling tingly through my body. A few hours later I’m glued to the couch and my head is hurting from the whirlwind experience you gave me. How can something that lasted no longer than a second make me feel this way? Is this why Missy Elliot said she doesn’t want no minute man? What would she say about a one-second man?

Yes, my friends, yesterday I got my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. And while it may not have been the most enjoyable experience it was worth it because I am so ready to get back to normal and enjoy the summer.

So boys, get ready, because Christine’s motto for Summer 2021 is vaxed and waxed! 

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