United States Customs and Border Protection have seized a load of cornflakes that had cocaine sprinkled on them.

Cocaine, its what's for breakfast...NOT. It is truly amazing the lengths drug smugglers will go to in order to get drugs into other countries.

The good news is these frosted covered cornflakes did not come from our beloved Kellogg's Frosted Flakes from the Kellogg factory in Battle Creek, Michigan, but someone did try to create their own version, except these flakes were covered in cocaine.

According to WOOD, 44 pounds of cocaine coated cornflakes were being shipped from South America to a home Hong Kong were discovered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Cincinnati, Ohio, earlier in the month.

I'm a bit confused on why something being shipped from South America to Hong Kong somehow landed in Ohio, but then again, I also don't understand shipping routes or how the industry works.

When customs authorities seized the customized cornflakes in Ohio, they tested the frosted coating and discovered it was actually cocaine. Do we insert an Eric Clapton song here?

I can't even imagine what would have happened if someone actually got a hold of box somehow and actually poured some milk in them and ate them, they certainly would not have needed any coffee to wash them down.

One good thing is, it just shows us all just how good those narcotics dogs are when it comes to finding drugs. A detection dog by the name of Bico happen to be sniffing some cargo that came from Peru on February 13. That is when Bico signaled to officers that the dope was in the cargo container.

Officers then found the cereal that had a white powder and the flakes had a grayish substance covering them. It definitely seemed odd when cornflakes don't come with frosting unless they are frosted flakes.

You would think that smugglers would have tried powdered donuts but I guess that may have been to obvious.

None the less, U.S. Customs won this round, but no word if those shipping the cereal have been caught yet or if the prize in the bottom of the box was a small spoon or straw.

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