The Alger Heights neighborhood is what I'd consider "underrated." I live nearby, and in the last six years since I've moved to G.R., I've seen it grow into this adorable little community with its own treasures; and that trend continues.

Two current business owners in Alger Heights plan on opening a business centered around two things that just about everybody loves: coffee and cocktails. MLive reports that Jonathon Foreman and Jon Frantz, co-owners of Urban Johnny's Hair Salon, are using the next door space to start 'Sip: Coffee & Cocktails.'

Everyone knows someone who loves coffee and/or cocktails so this concept is essentially catering to everyone. Foreman says that he especially likes the idea that those who don't drink alcohol can still get a fun, delicious-tasting drink. He spoke to MLive about his personal experience

I am a non-drinker and I love going out with my friends and am totally fine with being around alcohol, but one frustration I’ve had is I never really feel like I can go to a bar and get a really beautiful tasty drink that isn’t made with alcohol.

While the "mocktail" trend has seen a boost in the last few years, he's not wrong. There's not many places I can think of at the top of my head where you can order speciality [nonalcoholic] drinks.

The new cafe will be separated from the salon by a glass wall. The hope is also that salon customers take advantage of getting something to drink while they have downtime during their appointment. Which if you've gotten anything more than a haircut you know can definitely be a process.

Speaking of the salon, that too will undergo some changes. 12 additional stations will be added and some will be designated for stylists who want to rent a space.

Sip: Coffee & Cocktails is expected to be open early next year. It's unknown if any form of food will be served. You can follow their Facebook page for updates.

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