After about a week of testing, The Connie & Fish shoe has officially started to broadcast via home studios in Connie, Fish, and Steve’s homes.  There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to putting on a morning radio show.  And in order to keep the show sounding as normal as possible, several new pieces of equipment and a few new pieces of software needed to be implemented before the broadcast could begin.

Just to give you an idea about how this was all made possible, let’s rewind to about a month ago when the coronavirus pandemic was starting to ramp up in the United States.  As many businesses started to move workers from offices to their homes, our engineer Mike began to tackle the monumental problem of moving our staff offsite to home studios until it is deemed safe to return to the office.

The work began by ordering the equipment needed for the station’s DJs to be able to do a show from home.  After that was completed, DJs who did there show solo could simply do their show from home using their computer.  But now was the difficult problem of figuring out how to get The Connie & Fish show, which consisted of 3 people, to broadcast from 3 different locations all at once.

I won’t bore you with the technical details as to how that was accomplished, but it took several days of testing.  First, we did a test run of the equipment on a Saturday morning, which worked for the most part.  Then, we tried to do an entire show with Connie and Fish at home the following Wednesday and Thursday.  (Each day we added a few new elements to the broadcast) And finally, on Friday of last week, Steve broadcast from home as well.

Here are pictures of everyone's home setup:

Fish's at home studio
Connie's Home Studio Setup (Bonus: Kevin the Cat)
Steve's Home Studio Setup

We feel really fortunate that our company is allowing us to do the show at home and we are forever grateful that we have the best engineer in the business who can put something together like this on such short notice.  And we want to thank our fans, The Click of Six, for supporting us during this transition and still tuning in even though their schedules have most likely changed.  

And finally, a huge thanks to all of the essential workers out there who are still out there making society function and helping battle COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus.

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