I didn’t think Steve’s answer for the Text Question of the day was that weird. He likes a lady in yoga pants, baseball hat, sweatshirt and a choker. Sounds hot to me. I love a lady with a great laugh and Christine just wants a dude with a pulse .. LOL!!!! Just kidding, she loves a guy with some tats on his arms nice shoulders wearing a cool pair of sweatpants.

What weird thing do you find sexy?

  • A good looking guy, who drives up in a Corvette, gets out with his shades on and comes to my side to open the door and let me in and pulls down . . . . . . . His shades, what were you thinking Fish, and has the most amazing color eyes. I'm in and gone, like 60 seconds
  • Watching my hubby fix stuff. Intelligent & using his hands....hello!
  • A man's legs, in particular his calves. That strong muscle all defined with a little leg hair. Something about a strong man with a little extra weight is the ticket.
  • Chest hair
  • Respect, and a geek
  • A nice back lol
  • I love a guy with arm tattoos who isn't afraid to get dirty. Not into dudes in suits at all. And he better know about cars! If I know more than him that's a huge NO
  • Critical thinking skills
  • A guy who can do the Elvis lip (where they can lift one side of lip). Oh, baby!!!
  • The way a girl looks into my eyes 👀
  • When my man and his hands are all filthy from changing oil or rolling around on garage floor.....
  • A guy that can flirt and has no problem with me flirting even if we aren’t flirting with each other and there is no jealousy. Jealousy is stupid and flirting is HOT!! Fish knows what I’m talking about
  • My husband’s hands.
  • An awesome guy with an attractive suit or sport coat and tie…that tie reminds me of a ribbon on a gift…needs to come off…if you know what I mean.
  • A nice sexy pair of SHOES!
  • Intelligence
  • when my husband does push-ups, I've always had a thing for backs and shoulders but when he does push-ups I'm
  • Being able to drive a manual transmission
  • Nice smile, blue eyes, ability to sing, sense of humor. Not weird, but makes me swoon
  • Short hair but not too short…just long enough I can grab
  • Semi-drivers
  • Colored hair
  • Facial hair
  • A gentleman opening the car door for you. Also a gentleman opening any door for you.
  • Smart girls like who like the paranormal like Velma.
  • Shoulder blades
  • I find it sexy when my husband talks with a lisp because he has his chew pouch in his mouth. And watching him walk away.
  • Cars
  • Kindness and caring by actions
  • Man lemme tell you what. I never saw something so sexy as this new fridge we just got... it's got a water dispenser and ice maker! No more feeling hot, I can get them cubes anytime.
  • Men holding their babies..
  • Men’s hands with wedding rings.
  • Baseball cap on backwards
  • Watching my girlfriend ride her motorcycle.
  • Love handles to grab on my lady. St8ll healthy but with meat
  • A big guy with a small dog. When my 6’4” hubby is holding our seven pound dog I just melt.
  • Sarcasm. Someone who can dish it and take it in good nature is the most fun flirting
  • Armpits. Something about a man and that musky deodorant and some sexy manly pits.
  • My husband cleaning the house
  • The weird thing I find sexy is my wife! TODAY IS OUR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! We like to go magnet fishing and our hands get filthy, but sometimes we have snacks and sometimes she'll just reach in the bag and eat before she can wash her hands. And she don't care, AND I DON'T MIND!! SO SEXY.

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