Some unfortunate news for those who have been getting takeout from Corner Bar in Rockford, cuz they're currently closed for the time being.

The diner known for their tasty hotdogs, is temporarily closed after an employee tested positive for coronavirus. The announcement was made on their Facebook page on Thursday.

He contracted the virus through a family member and voluntarily got tested before showing any symptoms.

Fortunately, the employee hadn't been at work since the positive test came back from the family member. However, the restaurant wants to take precautions by temporarily closing. They planned on cleaning the store yesterday and screening all of their staff to make sure everyone was healthy.

Based on their Facebook post, it seems as if they plan on reopening soon, but in the meantime, they are in contact with the Kent County Health Department to make sure they are taking the necessary steps before they reopen.

Corner Bar plans on keeping their customers updated on the station on their Facebook page.

The same thing happened to Donkey Taqueria last month but opened again after two weeks and "electrostatically disinfecting" the place.

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