Trying to get a COVID-19 test has been difficult during this second wave. A few weeks ago I had to be in quarantine after a possible exposure and when I called my doctor to try and get a test, they told me they were saving them only for those who were experiencing symptoms due to the high demand. With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise it's imperative there are testing sites available, and West Michiganders have another option now.

The Gerald R. Ford International Airport announced they are opening a testing site on Thursday, Dec. 10. They partnered with TACKL Health to help make this possible. As stated in the news release, TACKL

...provides full-service workplace health and COVID-19 solutions, including rapid mobilization for large-scale COVID-19 testing.

Unlike most testing sites right now, no appointment is needed to get a test at GRR. It will be a drive-up service where people can get a normal COVID-19 test with results back in 24-48 hours or, if necessary, a rapid test is also available with results in 15 minutes. A referral from a doctor is not necessary and you don't have to have symptoms in order to get tested.

The airport acknowledged this should help the lighten the load.

With so many test sites in West Michigan overloaded, this new site should help increase testing capabilities, especially for those who might not otherwise qualify.

Additionally, this should also give travelers and their families a peace of mind this holiday season. This new testing site is open to everyone who wishes to get a test, not only travelers.

Testing is be held on a first-come, first-serve basis in the airport's economy lot from 4a-8p everyday. TACKL's service does not currently accept health insurance so cost of testing is $125 for the molecular PCR and $75 for the rapid antigen. Both tests will be offered for $160.

Gerald R. Ford International Airport is one of the first airports in the nation to offer COVID-19 testing. TACKL Health is also helping launch something similar in Cleveland and Pittsburgh. More info here on the testing site in Grand Rapids.

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