A new type of legal drug is being sold over the counter to anyone who wants to purchase it.  The drug, known as 'Bath Salts', is a synthetic version of cocaine or ecstasy.  The drug is legal in most states including Michigan.  The product is marketed as bath salts even though it is a highly potent and deadly substance.  

The manufacturers of the substance are pretty much unknown.  The only thing that is known is that most of the substance in shipped in from Europe.  Bath salt's have already been linked to several deaths and suicides.

The Washington Post had this to say about the 'Bath Salt' epidemic

Sold under such names as Ivory Wave, Bliss, White Lightning and Hurricane Charlie, the chemicals can cause hallucinations, paranoia, a rapid heart rate and suicidal thoughts, authorities say. In addition to bath salts, the chemicals can be found in plant foods that are sold legally at convenience stores and on the Internet. However, they aren't necessarily being used for the purposes on the label.

This isn't the first time our nation has been assaulted with a new drug epidemic.  If you can recall, recently their have been bans on a marijuana synthetic known as K-2.  And before that, youthes were experimenting with a energy drink alcohol hybrid known as Four Loko.  Both of those drugs have now been banned in Michigan as well as most other states.

CNN ran a story on bath salts, you can watch that below.

For more information on bath salts check out the Drug Enforcement Agency's website.