Grand Rapids Based developer, Rockford Construction, is planning to go before the Grand Rapids Planning commission to get permission to demolish 11 vacant homes on the West Side.

The 11 vacant properties are near other sites that are currently in development; including the 616 Lofts on Alabama and The Knickerbocker by New Holland Brewing Company.  The houses are on First St. NW, Second St NW and Alabama Ave NW.

According to Rockford Construction, the properties would remain grass-covered lots until plans for development were created for the area.  According to the Grand Rapids Business Journal, the application submitted by Rockford Construction states:

“The existing structures were acquired in a dilapidated, unsafe condition,” Rockford’s application says. “Break-ins were common and unsavory activities occurred in these buildings. The demolition of these structures will result in a safer neighborhood experience for nearby residents and businesses.”

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