If you're like me, when you encounter a snake you quickly scream and run away. Don't judge. Our friends at the DNR put together a cheat sheet on what to do if you come across our slithery little friends.

The good news is there's only one venomous species of snakes found in Michigan. It's called the eastern massasauga rattlesnake. The good news is the DNR says these snakes are shy. They spend the majority of their time in year-round wetlands hunting mice, not humans, so don't worry.

The DNR does say that if you encounter one of these, the snake will most likely leave you alone if it doesn't feel threatened. If you get too close, the snake will warn you by rattling its tail. The DNR says that if you get too close and get a snake bite, you should seek medical attention immediately.

So, that should give us some peace of mind, out of the 17 species of snakes in Michigan, only 1 is considered really dangerous.

I'm still screaming and running in the opposite direction.

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