Tis the season for scary things and in honor of that a new survey found the most common thing Americans are afraid of.

Chapman University in California decided to ask people what they're most afraid of.  They gave them 88 choices.

The results were very interesting, turns out some people are pretty terrified of the government and robots taking over the world and some of the other things people are afraid of is down right hilarious.

Check out the results below:

Snakes 33%

A robot taking your job, 29%.

Public speaking, 28%.

Heights, 27%.

Needles, 19%.

White people no longer being the majority, 18%.  ...Come on now people

Spontaneously dropping dead, 17%.

People making fun of your weight, 11%.

Ghosts, 10%.

Zombies, 9%.

Clowns, 7%.

People making fun of how you dress, 4%.


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