I've brought this up a bunch of times on the air; I'm deathly scared of snakes, no problems with spiders. How about you?

I'm bringing this up for a couple reasons.

First, I've been doing a lot of running outside since it started getting nice. So far I REALLY enjoy running the trails around Reeds Lake. The first sign of a snake, I'm back on the treadmill inside Planet Fitness.

The other reason is this story that I was just reading. This woman was going to do her 'business' and a python that was SIX FEET LONG jumped out of the toilet and bit her. Yeah, I hate snakes.

Spiders, meh, I don't love them, but also don't hate them. I do know some people who completely freak when they see one though.

So, let's take this to the polls, what freaks you out more?

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