Let's face it, if you could teleport to work or family it would be the greatest thing ever! Question is, does it actually exist?  After watching this, I think it does!

I run late a lot. I mean, it's bad. When I interview for jobs, I always say that's one of my weaknesses. So, teleportation for me would be THE best; that or flying.

Over the weekend, I fell into a YouTube wormhole - you know, where you're searching for something like "How to make a poached egg" and then you end up watching an hour of "Teleportations caught on camera."

I'm very curious about this phenom. More curious as to why with these videos, there's no interview with anyone who saw the teleportation, or an interview with someone who just teleported. I guess it's because if they just teleported, when you catch up to them to ask questions, they would just teleport again.

My other question is: can you create a teleportation port anywhere (like when Stewie and Brian time travel on Family Guy), or are there only certain areas where you can make the jump?

P.S.  I'm aware these may all be faked, but I want to believe it's true because it would be awesome to teleport back to my family in Arkansas rather than having to drive or fly.