The answer is simple yet society tends to complicate it.

An article I had come across talked about how women have started a "cucumber cleanse" for their vaginas. All I could think is WHAT?! Why would someone think this is okay?!

Nisha McKenzie, of Grand Rapids OB/GYN & Center for Women's Sexual Health, describes the vagina as a "self-cleaning oven." Basically, your lady parts are exactly as they should be and you shouldn't have to mask it with floral smells, douches, glitter or otherwise. Doing any of these things isn't cleaning your vagina - but rather hurting it.

Nisha breaks down what you're actually doing to your vagina when inserting something inside of it that shouldn't be there. She also shows us the right way to clean it using our handy dandy vulva pillow and she even shares the craziest thing a patient has ever done to "clean" her vagina. *Warning* it will make you cringe and grab your kitty as if it was happening to you.