When you're stuck in traffic on 131 just trying to get to home this Memorial Day Weekend, you may daydream about living in Hawaii to get away from it all. The nice weather, the sandy beaches, the food... and even the traffic! A new survey that's out reveals the nation's worst traffic cities. A city in Hawaii is #1 -Honolulu! This comes from an organization called INRIX, which studies the daily commutes of the top 100 major metro areas. The top 10 worst traffic cities along with the hours wasted in traffic per year:

1. Honolulu (58 hours)
2. Los Angeles (56 hours)
3. San Francisco (48 hours)
4. New York City (57 hours)
5. Bridgeport, Connecticut (42 hours)
6. Washington, D.C. (45 hours)
7. Seattle (33 hours)
8. Austin (30 hours)
9. Boston (35 hours)
10. Chicago (36 hours)

Tuesday at 8am is the busiest morning commute hour, while Friday at 5:30pm is the busiest evening commute hour when the average trip takes 16 percent longer. So no, Grand Rapids and Detroit did not make this list, but I think that's probably a good thing.  This is one list we shouldn't be on. Let's just stick to being Beer City, USA.