Pokémon Go is sweeping the nation and Grand Rapids is just as caught up in the craze as other cities!  When you are walking around downtown you probably notice people with their face buried in their phones, but instead of checking email or reading a text they are probably trying to find a Pikachu.

If you are one of these people who are searching for rare Pokémon, you need to schedule a little bit of time Friday night to join a HUGE city-wide hunt in Grand Rapids!  Friday, July 15th, the GR Pokémon community will be meeting up at Rosa Parks circle for a huge hunt!  So grab your Pokédex and get downtown Friday night!

Downtown GR Late Night Pokémon Hunt's Facebook Page has this to say about the event:

Great times, Good People, lots of Pokemon!
Lets make this fun! Wear your team colors!
The point of this event is to just gather together, meet new people and have fun. Nothing special is scheduled, this is just a public gathering.

Check out their Facebook page for all the info!