It’s no secret, everyone’s been playing Pokémon GO.  At one point it had about as many daily users as Twitter.  As the number of users are starting to fall off, it’s time to take the Pokémon GO game to the next level.  It’s time to play LIVE ACTION Pokémon GO!

According to the description on The Jurgys YouTube page:

Talk about evolving Pokémon. We love seeing everyone out and about on their own adventures with Pokémon Go, and we wanted to make the game a little more “real” for them while they were outside. Everywhere we went we saw people outside and moving - which is awesome - but they were glued to their phones…so we got them to interact with others around them by running in front of them as Ash Ketchum threw in the giant pokeball.

Now that they have the costumes, they're looking for other prank/fun ideas they can go do as Pokémon.  If you have idea of something they can do, they encourage you to email them -