With each passing day since it's release, Pokemon GO has been finding it's way into more and more inappropriate places.  The game has found it's way into National Memorials, the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery, and even the Holocaust Museum.

Now Pokemon GO has made it into some of the highest levels of government.  Last week, State Department Spokesman John Kirby had to stop a press conference about ISIS to call out a reporter playing Pokemon Go.  Kirby asked the reporter "You're playing the Pokemon thing right there, aren't you?", to which the reporter responded "I'm just keeping an eye on it."

Later on in the press conference, Kirby asked the reporter another question. "Did you get one?"  The reporter responded with "No, the signal's not very good."  Unimpressed with the reporter's response, Kirby scowled back "I'm sorry about that."

People need to learn to say Pokemon NO, when you're in an inappropriate place.