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Donald Sterling's disgraceful (but not surprising) comments about Earvin "Magic" Johnson weren't in the air for long before the Lakers legend was able to respond.

Following the Los Angeles Clippers owner's embarrassing interview on CNN's 'Anderson Cooper 360' on Monday night, Magic had his own sit-down with Cooper Tuesday night to share his side of the story.

As for Sterling's most libelous claims that he doesn't do anything to help the black community, Magic described his comments as "disturbing" and "sad," and said that Donald "didn't do his homework." He also revealed that fellow black entrepreneurs like Tyler Perry and Spike Lee called him to let him know how upset they were. And we an't forget about the hip-hop community, many of whom were more than pleased with his lifetime ban from the NBA.

Magic went on to call Sterling "delusional" for believing that the Clippers players and fans still love him, and had a simple message for the disgraced owner: "Donald Sterling is not welcome back in the NBA." Magic also expressed interest in buying the Clippers with the backing of his billion-dollar group, Guggenheim Partners, even though it's his beloved Lakers that he'd really love to own.

In spite of all his contempt towards Sterling's comments and views, Johnson said he is still going to pray for him and hopes he "can see the mistake that he has made and also the people that he’s hurt along the way." That's more that what can be said about the rest of us.

Watch the main segment above, plus additional clips from the interview below.

Watch Magic Johnson's Interview on 'Anderson Cooper 360'

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