Last week we asked you to send us your MOMumental Moments, which were embarrassing stories from mom, and we picked our 5 favorites to win a prize pack from Shari's Berries and ProFlowers.  These are the winning stories, and man...  They were embarrassing!

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Briana's Story

Me and my mom went on a fair ride that would go upside down and while on it my mom thought it would be funny if while we were upside down to yell, "I think I'm gonna puke" at that time everyone below us yelled "NO" and looked up. The next flip we did everyone below was still worried about someone throwing up so EVERYONE looked up and this time my mom's boob fell out of her shirt. Good show for them embarrassing to me. However as an adult it is so funny to think about now.

Chelsea's Story

When I was a freshman in high school I had my first bonfire/co-ed party. All my friends were there and my very first boyfriend. A group of my closest friends and I were standing in a circle gabbing. My mom failed to see my boyfriend was also standing there and had his back to the large bay window of our home. My wonderful mother thought it would be funny to flash (bra still on) me and my group of friends standing outside in front of the window. As she did this my boyfriend happened to turn his head just as my mom lifted her shirt! She threw herself to the floor like she was a professional dancer doing the alligator. Needless to say, I didn't ask to have any more parties and my first "real relationship" was short- lived. I love my mother dearly, but I will never forget this moment (I am 34 and happily married with two children) and still occasionally re live the mother flasher moment.

Stephanie's Story

When I was in 3rd grade a sat down in my wooden seat at school and got a sliver in my butt from the wooden seat. By lunch time my butt was hurting so bad that I had to tell my teacher I had a sliver in my butt. My teacher took me into the bathroom and had me pull my pants down and picked the sliver out of my butt. When I got home from school I told my mom what happened. My mom asked what underwear I had on. I had my favorite Strawberry Shortcake underwear on. The only problem with that was my favorite underwear had a huge hole in them and my mom had been trying to get me to throw them out for months but I loved my Strawberry Shortcake underwear so I wouldnt throw them away. My mom was mortified. So they next day my mom walked me into school and into the classroom and proceeded to tell my teacher how she has been trying to throw my Strawberry Shortcake underwear away but they are my favorite underwear so I wouldnt let her. My mom didnt realize that the entire class was listening to their conversation. I put my head down on my desk and almost died from embarrassment. Finally my mom turned around to see the entire class sitting in their desks listening to their conversation. She promptly left and felt horrible. Not only did I have to have my teacher get a sliver out if my butt but now the entire class knew it and that I wore Strawberry Shortcake underwear with holes in it.

Tracy's Story

This is by far the most embarrassing thing my mother has ever done and the story I always tell. Its funny now, but not as a middle schooler! My mom worked at the same middle school I attended in the kitchen. We had obviously already had all of the education at school about becoming a woman. Well, the first day I got my period I was of course at school. After going to the restroom and realizing I didn't have any supplies on hand and no change to buy any, I had to go into the lunch room to the kitchen. Sobbing I asked my mom for a quarter so that I could buy materials as my first period had started. She wasted NO time in yelling to all her co-workers how her daughter was becoming a woman! It was MORTIFYING!

Ashley's Story

Here's a prom one for you. My ex husband was my senior prom date he got us a limo to take. I invited some friends to go along with us. The morning of prom our limo broke down so they said they had one for us but it maybe a little dirty long story short we got a 26 passenger Escalade limo. So prom night came and it was at a bowling alley in Lansing it was pretty lame. One of the girls wanted to take the time to go get a hotel room for an after party. With my boyfriend at the time being the one who paid for it we went bc anything that happened to the limo was on him and his parents. On our way back driving down MLK blvd in Lansing my mom is driving down the road following the limo she is half way out of the car window and yelling at our limo driver to pull over her friend was driving and honking the horn. So we pulled over and she started yelling at me and telling me I was not going to be doing anything (sex) so I got this big sex lecture in front of our limo driver and my friends. All bc his mom called and told her that that was what we were planning on doing. Which it was not he didn't even stay at the hotel for the after party. She chased us in the limo for at least a few blocks. My face was so red and I was so embarrassed who wants the talk in front of their friends on prom night.


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