I've said it before and I'm going to say it again... I love game shows. Family Feud hands down has to be one of the best because it's so much fun to play along. But also, we love to watch for the answers people are going to give when asked a question. You have to admit, though, sometimes those questions are set up for people to give an absolutely ridiculous, funny or sexual answer.

Monday night's episode of Family Feud has gone viral for this very reason. A contestant was asked

What was the last thing you stuck your finger in?"

Seriously? What did they expect with a question like this? What would your answer be? For me, it was my earhole. Even saying that sounds sexual.

Watch the video below to see this guy's response that got laughs and left host Steve Harvey speechless.

Shockingly, the answer wasn't up there. Funny part is his wife claps and says "good answer."