Years ago, on a show I did in Toledo, we took a trip to a local cemetery. We came back with audio that gave us all chills! Listen...

Hear it?

EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon, I can't tell you what exactly what that means in detail, but Wikipedia can give you a good rundown. If you've ever seen "White Noise," then you're a step ahead.

When I was hosting a radio show in Toledo, Ohio we went ALL OUT for Halloween. Part of going all out was visiting an old graveyard that sits within a park, oddly enough, it was my grandpa's old homestead prior to becoming a park.

We had heard this story about a girl who was buried there, she had been seen running through the graveyard with other children at night. Her name is Eliza, she passed away at a young age in the early 1900s. In the audio clip you can hear my co-host Jason talking to Eliza, he had a mini disc recorder sitting on top of her stone and really didn't think he recorded anything out of the ordinary.

After Jason and the crew left, they headed back to the station and played back what was on the recorder. CHILLS when we heard what was collected!

About four seconds in you can hear a little girl say "I want to come out and play." Shortly after that she moans something that sounds like "momma."

You be the judge. Is that little Eliza ready to come out and play?