Well it looks like the new year has brought on some new costs.  I was surfing around the internet when I came across an article that highlights some of the increases in price.

The last piece of news anyone wants to hear is that the cost of living is on the rise.  I know, it's sad but true.  Walletpop.com sheds some light into where your extra cash will be going in 2011.  On Walletpop's list is an increase in the cost of gas and heating fuel.  This was what I was most concerned about... Walletpop reported that:

Shell Oil President John Hofmeister says gas will be back to $5 a gallon this year. That's about $2 more per gallon than the current average price of $3.05, says the Department of Energy.

Also on the list of increases are clothing costs, colleges & universities, and banking fees.  For more information on the cost increases and the full list of 'Seven Things That Will Cost More In 2011 and What You Can Do About Them' follow the link!