If you had to choose one, which is better? Watching what you eat? Or Exercising more?

Of course the right answer is you should do both, but if you HAD to choose one....

...You get a bigger bang for your buck with watching what you eat.

This is according to a new video from AsapSCIENCE, where the guys brought up some really good questions. The answer to a few of those is "it's just easier to avoid eating junk than it is to spend an hour in the gym." Hey, I can't argue with that!

It's true though, I've heard these words everywhere "abs are made in the kitchen, bro."

First, don't call me bro.

Second, you're right. I'm a perfect example of this. During the summer I run like a crazy person, yet I still hold onto the weight I've been trying to lose. You want to know why? I use the calories I burn while running as a pass to eat whatever. I could only imagine how "in shape" I would be if I could line up my diet with my running.

So there it is, yes you should work out but you HAVE TO watch your diet if you really want to lose weight.

Who wants pizza?