I'm going to be very honest here.. the eyebrow game is REAL! And my eyebrows are not happy with me right now. I haven't gotten them done since the last time I was back home in Detroit which was the beginning of June and they are totally out of control right now. I can't look in the mirror without seeing those hairy monsters staring back at me. It's almost as if they're taunting me and screaming at me. You're probably wondering why I just don't go get them done and then I wouldn't be writing this silly post. Well, that's because I'm in a relationship with my eyebrow lady, Evita, and I refuse to go to someone else... I'd basically be cheating on her. In the past, when I have gone to someone else other than Evita it always ends up being a disaster. Either they take too much, not enough, or just completely mess up the shape of my eyebrows and then I have to go back to Evita and have her fix them for me. So the thought of me going to a different eyebrow lady is just not in the cards. With all that said I think it's time for a trip back home just so I can get my eyebrows back to looking pretty, or at least somewhat normal LOL

Here's a terrible picture of my eyebrows

Christine George
Christine George

Do you have a regular beautician of some sort that you feel like you can't go to anyone else? What's happened when you have gone to someone else?


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