Too cute, turned college-bound Dakota Fanning was quoted all the way back in '05 as saying, "It's really funny, 'cause on my cell phone I pretend that I'm on the phone when I'm not and I'll pretend that I have messages when I'm just out on the street."

Dakota's confession is a little more understandable because at the time she was only 11-years old and her parents wouldn't allow her to have a cell until Tom Cruise gave her one for her birthday.  The two of them co-starred in War of the Worlds in 2005.  I'm hoping that T.C. got parental permission before he opened that can of worms!
Seriously, have you ever faked a call or pretended to text or access non-existent messages?  Leave your comments below, like this blog or share it with a friend so Channel 957 can post our own results!