With mostly everything these days being about the coronavirus here's something bright and fun that'll cheer your day, especially for Michiganders.

Detroit-based Faygo Beverages announced that they're going to be bringing back a classic popular flavor that Midwesterners have been thirstin' over for the last 15 years: Pineapple Orange. According to the press release from the company,

Pineapple Orange is the first new Faygo flavor to make its way back onto shelves since Arctic Sun had its comeback nationwide in 2017.

Courtesy of Faygo Beverages
Courtesy of Faygo Beverages

Faygo decided to bring the flavor back as part of its new campaign "Together We Pop" to spread positivity and togetherness.

I didn't realize this but the flavor has been in the southern states year-round this entire time but not available in the Midwest and East Coasts... until now.

The President of Faygo said this flavor is the perfect one to bring back just in time for summer, especially after a difficult winter and spring. Psh, that's an understatement, so with that, I'll also be enjoying this new/old flavor with some vodka.

The next time you're drinking a Faygo post a video with the hashtag #FaygoTWP talking about who or what you miss during this time. If your video is chosen you can win a swag pack from Faygo.

You can find Pineapple Orange at stores now in 24-ounce and 2-liter bottles.

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