How to Make a Michigander Mad
Michiganders for the most part are nice and welcoming people. We have a Midwestern hospitality but we also can get feisty if you piss us off. That's something you want to avoid.
Think of this as a guide as to what not to do/say in front of someone from Michigan...
15 Words That Have Different Meanings in Michigan
Words are a universal thing that have universal definitions, but sometimes depending on where you are in the world those words can have completely different meanings.
Michigan is a unique place with many things that make us stick out from the rest of the country, including certain words...
Man Charged With Felony for Putting Pop in a Water Cup
We've all done it. Don't deny it. At some point or another you've asked for a water cup when you really put pop in it instead. It's a slick way of not paying for a drink.
However, an Arkansas man is facing serious charges for doing that very exact thing...
Awesome Mixtape Mashes Up Modern Pop With Classic Emo [Video]
Just when I thought that high-school-era me was a thing of the past, this mixtape came along and destroyed that idea in the best way possible. Captain Cuts' mixtape, If You're Reading This It's Never Too Late, features amazing mashups of modern pop tunes with the best emo songs we all…
TVGN Goes Pop on Wednesday
TVGN -- also known as TV Guide Network -- is rebranding as Pop across its distribution of 80 million U.S. homes starting Wednesday, including in greater Grand Rapids.
The CBS-Lionsgate venture is unveiling a new on-air look and creative design to celebrate the fun of being a fan.

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