We all know that Nessie has spent some time in the Grand River and Ravenna has rogue goats, but is Bigfoot in Michigan?  Maybe...

Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" just wrapped filming in Michigan.

Filming has taken place around Gladwin State Forest, Houghton Lake, and West Branch.

Mlive.com has a few details on the show and filming:

Cliff Barackman, Matt Moneymaker, Ranae Holland and James "Bobo" Fray visit forests, swamps and mountains throughout North America seeking the giant ape.

The show is in its third season and had not previously visited Michigan.

Cast members traveled on horseback, while helicopter with a mounted camera followed the Sasquatch seekers.

"Finding Bigfoot" airs on Animal Planet, Sunday nights at 10:00.

No word yet on when the Michigan filmed episode is expected to air.

Want Bigfoot to come to your house?

Learn how to call him/it with the video below.  Just keep your fingers crossed that he/it is a friendly monster like the one in Harry and the Hendersons and your call doesn't turn out to be a mating call.