Gerard Parkes, the actor best known for his roles as Doc in "Fraggle Rock" and the "Boondock Saints" movies, has died. He was 90. 

Born in Dublin in 1924, Parkes immigrated to Canada after World War II and started his acting career on the stage in 1948, according to his IMDB biography.

On "Fraggle Rock", Parkes played an inventor with a dog named Sprocket who lived in an apartment with a small hole leading to Fraggle Rock. He was the only human character, on the show and as such generally couldn't see the Fraggles, except in some circumstances, like in the clip below.

Parkes role as Doc in the "Boondock Saints" was pretty unforgettable, as wel. He played a bar owner with Tourette syndrome in the 1999 film and its sequel.

His other roles included parts in "A Muppet Family Christmas," "Shining Time Station" and "The Littlest Hobo," and Entertainment Weekly reports that he played a priest multiple times throughout his career.

Parkes leaves behind his longtime partner, Sheelagh Norman.

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