If you're a tattoo lover like myself, you're going to love this. Or if you're someone who wants to get a tattoo but is on the fence or aren't allowed to... here's your chance!

A new study done by the University of Alabama found that people with multiple tattoos have a better immune system. The Huffington Post reports:

According to the research, "Tattooing may stimulate the immune system in a manner similar to a vaccination to be less susceptible to future pathogenic infiltration."

Basically, getting tattoos make you tougher. You're more likely to handle pain and stress better versus someone with no tattoos or getting their first one. This is in turn makes your immune system stronger.

The study also found that when you get your first tattoo you're more likely to get sick since your body's defenses are lowered to that kind of stress. But after more tattoos, your body would get used to it. Similar to your muscles when working out.

This was only done on a small group of people so don't use this as an excuse to get tatted up. Only get a tattoo if it's something you know you'd love and never regret!

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