Things are starting to feel a bit more normal with the stay at home order expiring and things are somewhat coming back, just in time for enjoying the Michigan summer weather.

All that was said, so I could say, I’m super excited that this Friday Getty Drive-In, in Muskegon is opening for the summer season.

Of course, as with other businesses, they are having to open at 50% capacity and won’t be accepting cash, according to WOODTV.  They also report that the concession stand will be open, but the line will be outside and when you do come inside for your turn to order, you are encouraged to wear a mask.

The WOODTV story also they hope to have online ordering with in-car delivery is in the works as well.   Speaking of online, that’s where you can get tickets ahead of time and get into an “express” lane to enter the drive-in so you can get you “good” spot faster.

Movies this weekend are “Trolls World Tour”, “Sonic the Hedgehog”, “The Invisible Man”, and the original “Superman” from 1978.

“Superman” is this week’s $5 single feature, which WOODTV says the drive-in will show a $5 older movie for the first few weeks of the season.

Crazy that at one point there were so many drive-in theaters across the country, but they slowly died out... until the coronavirus. I bet we start seeing more come back.  I’m just glad we can all go Friday here in West Michigan.

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