Well, if there's any indicator that people were cooped up in the house for too long, this is it.

Detroit police are now investigating a giant fight that broke out at Greektown in Detroit over the weekend that even left some officers injured. The brawl occurred this past Saturday and the chaos was all caught on social media where it quickly went viral.

According to WXYZ Detroit, the fight started around midnight and apparently there was an altercation between two different groups which eventually turned physical and with more people getting in on it. Many cops are seen trying to break up the fight, pull people off one another, and arrest individuals. As shown in the video, some officers were assaulted and pushed themselves.

It's unknown how many people were arrested and charged with what but Detroit Police did confirm they arrested some whom were involved. It's assumed that most were teens or people in their young 20's. Police are using the viral video and body cam footage to continue to investigate the matter. FOX 2 Detroit reports that 13 guns were confiscated at the scene.

Business owners in the Greektown area spoke with WXYZ about their frustration over the violence that occurs after a certain time in the area. Some believe a curfew should be enacted with age restrictions.

Law enforcement is going to continue to heavy patrol in area to avoid any type of violence breaking out. They also plan to revisit traffic plans.

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