Everyone enjoys their alone time once in a while but do you ever find yourself doing things alone that you would normally do with someone else? I find myself doing this a lot.

On Friday, after the Bryan Adams concert, Johnnie & I went to Gardella's for a couple drinks and it was around midnight when we left. As we said our goodbye's and I was almost to my car I realized that I wasn't ready to go home just yet. So I turned around and walked back towards the bars and found myself at Tavern on the Square, a bar I've never been to but always wanted to check out.

Being new to GR, I didn't necessarily have anyone to call to come meet me up, especially not at 12am so I basically said to myself "screw it, I'll wing it."

After getting my beer I did a "walk around" to scope out the bar and then I saw a big comfy couch with some people sitting on it so I decided to sit down and make myself comfortable. I ended up striking conversation with the guy sitting next to me and some of his friends and we basically talked until they kicked us out at 2:15. It turned out to be a good night because I ended up making a new friend whom I found that I had quite a bit in common with. So moral of the story is I would've never made a new friend if I didn't turn around and decide to continue my night, alone or not.

This isn't the first time I've gone out and done things alone that normally one would do with other people. I used to go by myself to the bar a lot when I lived back home. I've also noticed that a lot of people feel weird going out to eat by themselves but I do it all the time! About 4 years ago, Jay Z & Kanye West came to Detroit for their "Watch the Throne" tour and I really wanted to go! I asked a bunch of people if they wanted to go but nobody wanted to pay the price for the ticket. The day of the concert came and still I couldn't find anyone whom wanted to go. I wasn't going to miss out on an epic concert just because no one else wanted to go so I decided to go by myself and until this day I say it was one of the best concerts I've ever attended! I didn't care that I was by myself I had so much fun!! Surprisingly though, for all that I've done alone I yet to see a movie by myself. Let's put that on the bucket list!

The way I see it, if you want to do something than do it! Don't ever feel ashamed to be alone. You never know who you may meet, where you may end up or the memories you'll make. Being by yourself also has it's advantages because you're doing what you want when you want rather than following the group.

What is something you like to do alone that normally people would do with someone else or in groups?


Scott Olson/Getty Images