This is huge news for college-bound students and families!

The University of Michigan announced on Thursday that beginning in January 2018, they are going to offer free tuition, for four years, to Michigan students who's families make under $65,000/year. The program will be called the 'Go Blue Guarantee.'

The Detroit Free Press says that almost half of families will qualify for this program. Even better, those students who can get free tuition will still be able to apply for financial aid or other type of assistance to help them with housing, books, etc.

After hearing from families around the state how difficult it is to pay for college these days, because of rising tuition, university officials knew they had to do something. MLive says the $65K put in place is about equal to the average income of a family in Michigan.

The only stipulation is that the 'Go Blue Guarantee' will only be offered to students attending the Ann Arbor campus. It will not be eligible to those at the Flint or Dearborn campus.