A crappy situation is only getting crappier. Literally.

Cascade Falls Park in Jackson County voted to ship out 500 geese over the next three years to deal with the poop problem that they're leaving behind. MLive reports that the county's park director will seek a permit from the DNR to relocate the geese. He said that people love coming to 443-acre park but their #1 complaint is the "mess" those annoying birds leave behind.

So where are the geese gonna go? To Canada! Where they belong! Just kidding, they'll most likely end up in the natural habitats of Saginaw.

Between the permit and the relocation fee, it will cost the country about $1,400. Totally worth it. However, if the population doesn't decrease over the 3 years, the next option is "egg and nest destruction."

According to the Michigan DNR, per MLive, the current goose population in the state is somewhere between 175K and 225K.

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