A few weeks back the announcement was made at WOOD TV-8 that Chief Meteorologist Bill Steffen was taking on a new role. Bill is now the Chief Meteorologist Emeritus as Ellen Bacca becomes the first female Chief Meteorologist in West Michigan.

As a tribute to both Bill Steffen and Ellen Bacca, and their new roles in the Storm Team 8 Tracking Center, the Grand Rapids Chorus of Sweet Adelines put together a musical tribute for the two weather forecasters.

Bill Steffen recently posted the video on his Facebook page:

Bill Steffen has been forecasting the weather here in West Michigan for 47 years. His first appearance on the West Michigan television airwaves was back on November 5th, 1974 when he was hired at WZZM TV-13. He made the move to WOOD TV-8 in 2001..

Ellen Bacca came to WOOD TV-8 in 2014. Since that time, she has won numerous awards, including Emmys for Best Weathercast and Weather Anchor in Michigan.

The Grand Rapids Chorus of Sweet Adelines is a group of women that sing Barbershop Harmony. There are currently over 60 singers of all ages from all parts of the Greater Grand Rapids area. The group has been performing since 1951.

In December, the Sweet Adelines will be one of 10 nationwide chorus groups that will travel to Hawaii to perform at the Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Commemoration Concert Series, in Honolulu on Tuesday, December 7, 2021.

You can find out more about the Grand Rapids Chorus of Sweet Adelines on their website and on their Facebook page.


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