Taxes are a fact of life, but at a time when our country is fighting a recession it seems like poor timing for anyone to even think of raising them -- especially in Michigan!

Come November 8th, Grand Rapidians will be asked to approve a millage increase to help the Grand Rapids Public School district pay for school repairs.  They're calling it the 'sinking fund.' 

Sinking feeling is more like it.  Last night, the school board approved placing the 1 mill tax increase request on the ballot.  If you own a $100,000 home, you'll be forced to pay  n additional $100 a year.  The district's goal?  To raise $4 million a year.

Why so much?  Because state education funding is dropping.  If the millage passes, the new funds would be used to fix or replace heating and cooling systems, and repair structural issues.

 Source:  WZZM 13