Most of the time when you hop online you're bombarded with negativity and things that can bring you down. But every once in a while you see something that's hilarious or in this case interesting that you want to do a deep dive to find out more about it.

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I recently saw something online that piqued my curiosity and I had to click on it to learn more. Here is what I found.

Why Are People In Grand Rapids Putting Tarps Over Their Front Lawn?

A person on Reddit said they started noticing people putting tarps over the part of the front lawn between the street and the sidewalk and wondered why they were doing it.

These are some of the ideas people came up with for the tarps being on the lawn

  • There's a frost advisory for tonight.


  • We tarp over grass or weeds or specific plants we want to kill. Doesn't allow light or water and kills whatever is underneath. Had to do this with a rose of Sharon that spawned like rats.


  • I’m doing it to kill off sections of grass I want to mulch in the spring


  • Could be leaf piles that they don't want to fly everywhere?


  • We don't have sidewalks in my neighborhood, but one of my neighbors will do a tarp over a leaf pile near the road. He lets them rot to mulch.


  • It’s fall and a lot of people are reseeding their lawns.


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