The John Ball Zoo first opened back in 1891 and ever since it has been giving the people in Grand Rapids and across West Michigan a great way to learn about wildlife and get an up close and personal experience.

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Recently someone did something that put the health and safety of the penguins in danger. They tossed a dime into the penguin enclosure, resulting in one of the penguins needing to have it surgically removed from its stomach.

Penguin At The John Ball Zoo Recovering After Dime Removed From Stomach

The John Ball Zoo posted on social media about the incident, saying:

During a routine exam, a round, metal object was seen on an x-ray in Picchu the Magellanic penguin's stomach. Using endoscopy equipment the Zoo was able to purchase as a result of our generous donors and matched donation by the Michigan Arts and Culture Council (MACC), Dr. Alex and the Veterinary team were able to go in and remove the object, which turned out to be a dime. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for objects to be thrown into habitats at the Zoo. In this case, the silver dime closely resembled the shiny appearance of fish, a main part of a penguin's diet. Picchu is recovering well and we are so thankful for the ability for perform minimally invasive procedures like this in our own Animal Hospital. As a reminder, please refrain from throwing objects and food into the animal habitats during your visit.

The John Ball Zoo Shared Pictures Of The Removal Of The Dime

Credit: John Ball Zoo via Facebook
Credit: John Ball Zoo via Facebook

The penguin was sedated for the procedure. Here is Dr. Alex checking the vitals on Picchu.

Credit: John Ball Zoo via Facebook
Credit: John Ball Zoo via Facebook

Picchu was able to have the dime inside his stomach removed during the non-invasive procedure.

Credit: John Ball Zoo via Facebook
Credit: John Ball Zoo via Facebook

The equipment was provided thanks to donations from the Michigan Arts and Culture Council.

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