The Grand River reached its highest water level since 2013 and with the high water level, many roads around the river have been closed due to flooding.

The list of road closures is pretty extensive and is constantly growing.  Below you will find some of the roads that are experiencing closures, if you know of any other closures or any errors, please leave a comment and we will update our list.


  • Monroe Ave. entrances to Riverside Park
  • Riverside Park gates are closed on Knapp St., Guild St., and the entrances across from the Veterans Home.
  • Willow Dr.
  • 4-Mile Rd.
  • Canright St.
  • Bailey Park Dr.
  • Konkle Dr. east of Jupiter Ave.
  • River Point Dr.
  • Indian Dr.
  • Abrigador Trail and West River Center
  • Reeds Lake Blvd. is closed at Hall St.
  • Ashley Ave. is closed between 5-Mile Rd. and 6-Mile Rd.

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