The MSU vs U of M beef is one of the most famous rivals in college history but GVSU just took a "W" over both.

When it comes to social media nobody does it like the Lakers because Grand Valley State University was found to be the "most-Instagrammed" college campus in Michigan. Let's face it, in today's day, this is a big deal.

The study was done by AT&T and they looked at universities from each state that had more than 7,000 full-time students enrolled in the Fall 2017 semester. They then used the most popular hashtags for each college to find the most Instagram-worthy ones.

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Overall, the most popular hashtag is #rolltide obviously coming out of the University of Alabama; and multiple times out of the mouth of former Bachelorette, Hannah B. But in Michigan #gvsu was the most popular hashtag.

In Fall 2017, GVSU had 25,049 students enrolled compared to over 50K at MSU and U of M.

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