Do you love Miley Cyrus? Do you hate raccoons? It turns out, she repels the bandit-eyed buggers better than anything else.

In this somewhat insane video (seriously, why does this exist?), a Santa Claus doppelganger is sitting shirtless on his porch next to a raccoon. The raccoon starts biting him. Instead of freaking out about the possibility of rabies, though, the guy just snaps, “Will you cut it out?” and calmly takes out some Hannah Montana body spray.

“I read it somewhere,” he begins. “Hannah Montana coon repellent.” Uh … We’re not sure, given the southern accent and all, if this is just a literal joke or if there’s a racial undertone to this (though there is a disclaimer via a comment below the clip denying any prejudiced connotations). In any case, the shirtless St. Nick look-alike (dude, he even rocks red pants) spritzes himself with the Cyrus scent, then sits back down and dares the raccoon to nip at him again.

Watch what happens below. We’re sure Tennessee-native Cyrus had a good chuckle over this.

Watch the ‘Hannah Montana Coon Repellent’ Video

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