This is the kind of headline you read and think "No way. No one can be that big of a douche." Well-- way. This guy is. A few hours after his own wedding, a 27-year-old Austrian groom had sex with a waitress... at the reception. I wonder if he even waited until after they cut the cake? One thing that is certain-- the bar was definitely wide open.

And who was the lucky one who got to witness this brazen act of cheating? Why, the bride's father. Who immediately stopped the party and sent everyone home. Which I think is a pretty normal response when you find your new son-in-law cheating on your daughter, at the reception you probably paid for. Party is over.

So no shock here--  the bride wants a divorce. However, the Austrian Times reports she'll have to wait at least 6 months,  according  to Austrian law.

What is it about weddings that brings out bad behavior? Oh yeah-- tons of booze. Got any horror stories of people actin' a fool at weddings you've attended?