Have you ever thought about being a Grand Rapids police officer?  GRPD is looking to hire new officers and experience is not a issue.

Grand Rapids Police Department is willing to send you to Grand Valley State University’s Police Academy for free as well as pay you during the 16 week class.  The classes start in May of 2017.  Those who are selected will start getting paid a police recruit officer’s salary during training. Training is the 16 weeks at GVSU and then another 8 weeks at the police department.

Apparently the hiring process is a bit lengthy and if you’re selected you must attend each session of the 16 week course at GVSU’s Police academy. If you have questions, call the GRPD at 616-456-3330 or check out their Facebook page.

If you’re interested, you need to apply online before midnight, Thursday October 6th.

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