Of course, you should always remember to lock your car door but now that it's summer and more people are spending time outside, it also means an increase of car break-in's.

The Grand Rapids Police Department posted on their Facebook page that

The warm weather has brought with it an increase in larcenies from vehicles in the metropolitan area."

Because of this, the GRPD is sending a friendly reminder to ALWAYS lock your car doors. No matter where you are - mall, at work, even at home in your driveway!

If given the opportunity, someone will try and see if your door is unlocked to grab what they can. That's why it's also important not to store any valuables in your car. This includes electronic devices, your wallet, money, or anything that's of importance to you. If you do have any of these items in your car, at least hide them so they are not visible. Even if it's locked, a suspect is more likely to break into or damage a car to grab something of value.

And if you do happen to see anyone trying to get into a car(s) that's not theirs, report it to your local police department or the Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.

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