Virginia's earthquake was felt 650 miles away in West Michigan!

Just before two o'clock yesterday afternoon, if your desk shook or your feet felt like they were moving, but you weren't going anywhere, you experienced a tremor -- it was not your imagination.

Everyone at Channel 957 is talking about 'where they were' or 'what they were doing' when they felt something peculiar. I was in the studio and happened to be dancing to Hot Chelle Rae's new song 'Tonight, Tonight' when it happened so I missed it because I was bustin' a move!  However, my office mates were joking around about involuntary shaking followed by questions of whether or not it was from nearby construction or something greater.

Well, WZZM 13's Lee Van Ameyde talked with GVSU associate professor of geology Peter Wampler to chat about how far an earthquake can reach:

BTW, the earthquake measured 5.8 on the Richter scale and caused damage to the Washington Monument in D.C. and is closed today for repairwork.  Three of the  four spires on the National Cathedral in Nortwest Washington fell off of the main tower and need to be repaired.

Word is announcers for the Indians-Seattle Mariners baseball game in Cleveland were also shaken during the game!!