Want to know why Hanson fans are so loyal after all these years? Look no further than the following video. Hanson offered to pay for a super fan’s second honeymoon!

James Bishop wanted nothing more than to have Hanson play at his wedding — and posted video blogs begging the ‘Mmmbop’ singers every day to do so. It took Hanson a while (458 days, to be exact), but they responded to the offer.

The band posted a video response to Bishop. They began with their vocal admiration of his persistence, but then had to let him down easy … real easy. “We have this problem,” Zac began. “We’ve known for a while that we were already committed to playing another concert on that day, that wedding day,” he said with a pout. “And there’s a note within this contract that we can only play weddings for people with the last name ‘Hanson’ that were born between November 1980 to October of 1985.”

“And even then, it’s only a one in three chance,” Isaac quipped, pointing to his bros.

“But for a while we thought about it, and we want to do something,” Taylor said. “Because we can’t play your wedding and we don’t play weddings, but –” Zac cut off his middle brother, adding, “Something like a wedding gift.”

The boys did a drum roll on their desk — Zac’s specialty, for sure — and then announced their gift. “How about we play your honeymoon?” Isaac said, grinning.

“Not your real honeymoon,” Zac quickly clarified. “‘Cause that would be creepy,” Ike added. “Your secondary honeymoon will happen in January in Jamaica,” Zac said. “So we want to give you plane flights and hotel rooms in Jamaica and all the stuff associated with the resort,” he offered. Tune in to the video below to see the guys’ silliness towards the end of the video. Such class acts!

Watch Hanson Offer to Play a Fan’s Honeymoon

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