Mark Wahlberg was spotted in Grand Rapids!!

More specifically, he was spotted having lunch at the Six One Six Lounge at the JW Marriott according to MLive.

They say he was having lunch with his business Manager after what looks to be a round of golf!

MLive shared a few tweets about Mark being in town, Great K8 (@KtMudgett) on Twitter posted:

ATTENTION PEOPLE: I just walked by on my way to a meeting. Yes, in Grand Rapids.


 () on twitter:

Mark Wahlberg is in Grand Rapids 😍😍😍


WOODTV reported earlier that a plane connected with "MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE" which is a production company with is connected with Mark was parked at the Gerald R Ford Aiport earlier. Could we be getting a Wahlburgers soon??

Source: MLive, WOODTV

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