Today on the Connie and Fish show, we had a chance to speak with Heather Gray about something that is very important.  Heather reached out to us and asked us to help share her story with the Click of Six in hopes of finding her a kidney donor.

Heather was born with a rare liver disorder and suffered from liver disease her entire life.  In 2013, she went into liver failure but was able to get a liver transplant.  However, because of the liver failure, Heather's kidneys received a lot of damage and now she suffers from kidney disease.

Heather is hoping to find someone with an Type O blood who is will donate a kidney to her.  Below you can here hear entire story in a video she made for social media.  If you're interested in being a kidney donor for Heather (or anyone), call 800-333-9013.

Heather is a mother to three beautiful daughters and lives in Lowell, Michigan.

Courtesy of Heather Gray
Courtesy of Heather Gray

So, once again, if you want to help Heather out, or be a donor in any capacity, call 800-333-9013.

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